Referral Program

Welcome to our Referral Program, no matter the approach you will receive benefits.

Our Affiliate Referral Program is design for people who have no desire to get involve with their customer to create an amazing invitation, but still can earn money and prize their customer with a discount provided by your company. Therefore, when you register as an affiliate in the referral program you will get a special discount code for your customers to use on our website and they will get a 15% discount.

You might be asking yourself, how does it work? Well it is simple… you still worked hard to earn your customers trust, so we will kickback a 10% of the purchase they complete on our website. Usually an average sale is around $300, this means you will be earing about $30 per referral who buys, and your customer will be saving about $45. It is a Win-Win-Win situation! Your customers will be happy to receive a discount too!

When you subscribe in our Referral Program you will receive:

  • 1000 Business cards with your information and the discount code to handout to your customers

One bonus thing you are allowed to do, is provide the discount code to any prospect customer you talk to, earn money by promoting the referrals to us.

Things you need to sign up:

  1. Business Tax License or Trade Name Registration or Business Card and Business Facebook Page with at least 100 Followers

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