Reseller Program

Welcome to our Reseller Program, no matter the approach you will receive benefits.

As an affiliate in our Reseller Program you have a close communication with us and your customer to create an amazing invitation. We specialize in custom invitations, so no matter what the customer wants, we can create the perfect invitation for them. Don’t be afraid, we have a different mindset than other companies. We use our designs as a catalog to help people find what they are looking for or something close to what they are envisioning. From this point we can change colors, design elements to create a totally different invitation.

You might be asking yourself why do we offer such a great profit margin to you, well it is simple… is your customer and you work hard to gain their trust to create a wonderful experience at your place of business and we support you in every way we can so you deserve credit for it and we think a 50% discount as a retail business is attractive enough to use us as your preferred vendor for invitations!

When you subscribe in our Reseller Program you will get:

  • The Reseller Program Guide – Description on every invitation we have, how to fill out a order form, exclusive discount on printing for your business and more.
  • One or Two samples of each kind of invitation we have.
  • Order forms
  • Retail price list
  • Reseller price list
  • Shipping price list
  • Metallic paper price list
  • Sayings or sweet thoughts for wedding and quinceañeras
  • Color chart
  • Access to place orders online

Things you need to sign up:

  1. Invitations AZ Account, if you do not have one you can register free here
  2. Business Tax License or Trade Name Registration or Business Card and Business Facebook Page with at least 100 Followers

Start earning NOW..!

To register as a Reseller Affiliate there is a $50 Fee